When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school. What he isn’t prepared for are the rigorous local edicts, including a ban on dancing instituted by the local preacher, determined to exercise the control over the town’s youth that he cannot command in his own home. When the reverend’s rebellious daughter sets her sights on Ren, her roughneck boyfriend tries to sabotage Ren’s reputation, with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. The heartfelt story that emerges is of a father longing for the son he lost and of a young man aching for the father who walked out on him. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the soundtrack album reached number one on the Billboard charts and has sold over 15 million copies!) and augmented with dynamic new songs for the stage musical, FOOTLOOSE celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind.

Our Cast!

Ren McCormack – Luke Bielfeldt
Ethel McCormack – Aubree Cheadle
Rev. Shaw Moore – Tom Schmitt
Vi Moore – Katie Roberts
Ariel Moore – Jocelyn Klein
Lulu Warnicker – Chesney Panka
Wes Warnicker – Taylor Holck
Coach Roger Dunbar – Taylor Engel
Eleanor Dunbar – Channa McCurdy
Rusty – Crystal Enga
Wendy Jo – Alexis Christensen
Urleen – Cecelia Rabaey
Chuck Cranston – Ian Lundgren
Lyle (Chuck friend) – Wyatt Albers
Travis (Chuck friend) – Jacob Haen
Girl (Chuck’s friend) – Mary Porter
Willard Hewitt – Graham Petersen
Jeter (Willard friend) – Jackson Jeremiason
Bickle (Willard friend) – Emma Lipinski
Garvin (Willard friend) – Noah Greer
Girl (Willard friend) – Maddie Brink
Principal Harry Clark – Deven Edinger
Betty – Sariah Cheadle
Cop – Cameron Nelson
Cowboy Bob – Adam Madsen
Boy 1 (Footloose) – Luke Johnson
Boy 2 (Footloose) – Arthur Finzen
Boy 3 (Footloose) – Amber Bakker
Cowgirl (Let’s Hear It…)/3rd Dancer from the left – Gabby Thooft
Featured dancers
Maddie Brink
Anika Finzen
Ellie Frahm
Jenna Hollien
Holly Juutilainen
Emma Kampmann
Mary Porter
Gabby Thooft
Liz Voit
Church Choir
Amber Bakker
Cari Baune
Sabel Christensen
Carrie Enga
Ben Engels
Ka Finzen
Sandy Hanson
Daniel Junker
Annie Nichols
Brianna Pattison

Show Dates

July 26 – 28 @ 7:30pm
July 29 @ 2:00pm
Aug. 1 – 4 @ 7:30pm
Aug 4 – 5 @ 2:00pm
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