Winner of three Tony Awards, Urinetown is a hilarious musical satire of the legal system, social irresponsibili-ty, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, municipal politics and musical theatre itself! Hilariously funny and touchingly honest! A terrible water shortage has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens must use public amenities, regulated by a single malevolent company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity’s most basic needs. Amid the people, a hero decides he’s had enough!


Cast List


Morgan Benson — Dead Dancer/UGC Dancer/Chorus – The Poor
Andrea Caron — Dead Dancer/UGC Dancer/Chorus – The Poor
Aubree Cheadle — Hope Cladwell
Joseph Cheadle — Bobby Strong
Sariah Cheadle — UGC Dancer/Chorus – The Poor
Alexis Christensen — Chorus – The Poor
Sabel Christensen — Chorus – The Poor
Marissa  Condon — Little Sally
Joseph Dagel — Chorus – The Poor
David DeBliek — Choreographer/Hot Blades Harry/Old Man Strong
Shania Deutz — Dead Dancer/UGC Dancer/Chorus – The Poor
Chris Dinnel — Chorus – The Poor
Lauren Dopp — Little Becky Two-Shoes
Dakota Edens — Chorus – The Poor
Crystal Enga — Dr. Billeaux/UGC Dancer/Chorus – The Poor
Darcey Engen — Josephine Strong/TBD
Nathaiel Gates — Tech Director
Sandy Hanson — Chorus – The Poor
Jocelyn Klein — UGC Dancer/Chorus – The Poor
Channa McCurdy — Chorus – The Poor
Cameron Nelson — Chorus – The Poor
Annie Nichols — Chorus – The Poor
Graham Petersen — Tiny Tom
Mary Jean Porter — Soupy Sue
Josh Reese — Chorus – The Poor/Robby the Stockfish
Sara Richardson — Penelope Pennywise
Sean Roelfsema-Hummel — Senator Fipp
Luverne Siefert — Caldwell B. Cladwell
Eukariah Tabaka — Mr. McQueen
Abraham Tabares — Chorus – The Poor
Noah Tiegs — Officer Barrel
Liz Voit — Chorus – The Poor
Jeremy Wilhelm — Officer Lockstock
Mark Wilmes — Director
Stacey Voit — Piano
Reeds — Ross Anderson
Trombone — John Ginocchio
Bass — Jim Tabaka
Drums — Steve Leek
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